Orchid Private Office Services

Orchid has a team of experienced professionals (a portfolio manager, an accountant, an estate lawyer, a tax-lawyer, a security and intelligence professional, a travel agent) all who work exclusively for a single, or multiple ultra high net worth family(ies). The Private Office provides advice and services custom-built to our clients needs. Should our clients require advice regarding their assets , they can call the private office for assistance and advice.

Engaging a Private Office gives our client families a greater base of knowledge and experience to draw upon. In a traditional PFO, staff would understand one family and their needs, and would manage a range of approved suppliers and perhaps full time staff. This aggregate wisdom can be a very powerful thing. Either way, our clients benefit greatly and are able to focus on the things which they wish to focus on, supported by experts in all areas as required, in house.

Providing Quality Service

The relentless pursuit of the highest quality in our professional work remains one of the cornerstones in our firm's continuing success. Our focus on quality in everything we do encompasses the values of our people. We do not take for granted the trust placed in Orchid Office by our clients and the wider business community, and sustaining this trust rests with every individual - at every level - within our organisation.

Our People and Culture

At Orchid Office we foster a collaborative culture where talented individuals can produce their best work. We value innovative thinking, diverse insights and we strive to offer an exceptional level of customer service through our expertise and professionalism.

  • An International Management Consultancy Practice
  • Orchid founded in 2008
  • Management and control in the United Kingdom
  • International footprint with registered businesses in UK, Dubai & Singapore
  • International resource Network built up over 20 years
  • Focus is on quality not delivered by the larger companies
  • Uniquely, we maintain control of the service delivered to clients